What Happened To My Enamel After My Teeth Whitening Procedure

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

I was invited to be a bridesmaid at my best friends' wedding. About a week before the wedding I did an In-office bleaching which used a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide than take home trays.

Heat and light activation was used to accelerate the peroxide activity and thus enhance tooth whitening .

After the procedure my teeth looked much whiter but started to feel tingly after I got home. When I opened my mouth to speak I felt a cold rush of air in my mouth.

When I tried to have a drink I felt a sudden sharp pain in my front teeth that lasted for about two or three seconds.

Even the steam from the rice I was having for dinner caused me to feel a sudden shock in my teeth. I became concerned.

I thought that my enamel was breaking down or my enamel suddenly became very thin. I went back to my Dentist. I told him about the experiences I was having.