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ABOUT The Dental Hygienist

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  • Dental Hygienist -Teeth cleaning for people with normal to really sensitive teeth. Treatment for swollen or bleeding gum. 

  • Removal of dark brown, coffee stains, tobacco or cigarette stains. Removal of yellow spots on teeth.

  • Removal of plaque and calculus from all tooth surfaces. Oral hygiene instructions to include proper dental flossing and tooth brushing.

  • Dental flossing is a key component when considering the prevention of gum disease and cavities between the teeth.

  • The food debris and toxins from bacteria dwell in a sheltered environment beneath the gum. The toothbrush is not adequate to remove plaque settling in-between the teeth.

  • There are food particles that get pushed under your gum and between your teeth each time you eat. After a while you will not be able to remove the food debris which became calcified.

  • At that point you will require professional dental cleaning to remove the calculus. 

  • Our mission is to educate everyone about good dental practices, provide services in the field of Preventive Dentistry and promote oral health worldwide.

February-March 2022

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